ISHER is the dream come true platform for vegetarians who are looking for something new and exciting. Join us in exploring the wonderful delicacies and yummy cakes and mouthwatering pizzas. ISHER is your number one stop for 100% vegetarian egg free cakes, biscuits, pizzas, cupcakes, muffins, sandwiches and lots more. All of the food prepared by us is animal rennet & gelatin free. Now you don’t need to feel left out simply because you are a vegetarian. Enjoy the same delicious treats as your meat lover friends with an added benefit of eating healthy.

Our carefully designed recipes in no way compromise the tastes but are an absolute delight to have. We offer a variety of treats to choose from and our cakes are an absolute joy to have. We make a number of customized cakes for all kind of occasions, whether it is a birthday party, an engagement, a wedding or home coming. Our pastries and puffs are soft and moist and just like drops of heaven! Our cakes promise to be the best in Melbourne.

So come visit us and take joy in exploring the great variety of foods and cakes we offer!

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Welcome to the dreamland of a vegetarian as we take you through a wonderful journey of 100% vegetarian cakes and so many other delights! Our specially made cakes are fluffy and spongy and their tastes give their own testimony to their quality. All the cakes that we make are school friendly and children would absolutely adore them. Our customized cakes with their unique designs and flavors are not only delicious to eat but also a pleasure to look at.

We aim to create a one stop platform for all vegetarians and give them the best food which has three basic elements: healthy, delicious and of course 100% vegetarian! Visit us now and you won’t be disappointed.